Pottery Lovers

Pottery Lovers

Zanesville, Ohio, USA

July 7 -11, 2015

2015 Schedule at A Glance

Monday (Evening), July 6th:          

Grill Fest 6:30 PM at the Holiday Inn Express,  Back Deck Bar-B-Q pit

Tuesday, July 7th:          

Room Sales 8AM at the Holiday Inn Express and the Comfort Inn

Wednesday, July 8th:          

Room Sales 8AM                                

Show & Tell 6:30PM

Thursday, July 9th:        

Room Sales 8AM

Auction 3PM at the Welcome Center

Friday, July 10th:            

Room Sales 8AM, PL Show & Sale 9AM at the Holiday Inn Express                                        

Banquet 6:30PM at Zanesville Museum of Art Saturday,

July 11th:          

Room Sales 8AM, PL Show & Sale 9AM 

In 2014 Pottery Lovers was pleased to join the Zanesville Museum of Art to bring Weller’s 1904 St. Louis Exhibition monumental vases home for the summer! What is in store for 2015? Check back often and plan to be part of the America's longest running pottery gathering this July 7-11, 2015!